How to use a custom call button

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Do you know you can use your own custom call button to initiate the Extend Call Widget? This is particular useful if you already have several other buttons on your site that initiate things like live chats. Or if you want a more conspicuous "Call Us Now Button". Or perhaps you just want something shiny made by you.

Don't worry, we've got you. And it's super easy. Follow these steps and you'll be running in to time!

  1. Go to your Extend Dashboard
  2. Go to Developers tab
  3. Copy everything in the script text colored green. The code you will copy should look something like:
  4. <script src="" data-public-key="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" data-show-default-button="true" ></script>
  5. Now in your custom button, add this attribute: onclick="extendInitCall()". Your sample custom button will look something like this:
  6. <button onclick="extendInitCall()">Call us now</button>
    That's all! You're done. You now have a shiny custom button that can initiate the Extend Call Widget.

    To hide the default call button, in the script tag you copied in Step 3 above, change data-show-default-button="true" to data-show-default-button="false". Your script tag will now look something like:
    <script src="" data-public-key="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" data-show-default-button="false" ></script>

    Do you know that you can pass caller details to the call interface automatically? This is useful for when your users are already signed into something like your app or dashboard and you already know who they are. You can help them skip the form they have to fill before calling. Learn how to pass caller details automatically here.

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