Passing Caller Data Automatically

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Do you know that you can pass caller details to the call interface automatically? This is useful for when your users are already signed into something like your app or dashboard and you already know who they are. You can help them skip the form they have to fill before calling. This is usually more intuitive since you already know who they are and don't need to ask that anymore to take calls from them.

You can automatically pass their Name and Caller ID (usually their Email) to the Extend Call Widget. This will skip the form interface and go to the Extend Call Connecting screen instantly! The caller details you pass automatically will also show up in sync with your Call Logs. Cool right? 😎

Follow these steps and you'll be running in no time:

  1. Ensure you already have the integration working. To learn how to integrate, click here. To use your own custom button, click here.
  2. You have to programmatically add the caller data to the <script> tag as an attribute. The attribute you will add to the script tag will look something like data-caller-details='{"name": "John Doe", "id": ""}'. So your script tag will now look something like:
  3. <script src="" data-public-key="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" data-show-default-button="true" data-caller-details='{"name": "John Doe", "id": ""}'></script>

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