Managing Payments on Extend

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Managing payments on Extend is simple. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be ready to go:

  1. From your dashboard, go to Payments.
  2. In the Payments box, fill in the number on your card and, the Month of Expiry (MM), and Year of Expiry (YY). So for example, if your card will expire in November 2019, you will fill in 11 for MM and 19 for YY.
  3. Fill in your CVC. This is usually the 3-digit code at the back of your card.
  4. Press Save Card Details to save your payment details.
  5. We will send you a receipt for every successful charge.
  6. You can come to the Payments tab in your Dashboard at anytime to see your Payments History.

That's all! You're done and good to go.

You can come back to update your card details at anytime if you will like to change your card.

All payments are securely processed by Stripe, a trustworthy Payments Processor based in San Francisco, US.

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