How to Start Receiving Calls With Extend

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To start receiving calls on Extend is simple! After signing up, log into your Extend Dashboard and follow the steps below:

  1. Install the button on your site so that customers can initiate calls with you from there. To do this, follow the instructions in this post.
  2. After installing the button, you will need to invite agents. Agents are the ones that can take calls on behalf of your company whenever a customer calls. Agents can also add notes to call and etc. To invite an agent, go to your Extend Dashboard and click on Manage Agent
  3. Enter the email of the agent you want to invite and select a department for the agent. Then send the invite to the agent.
  4. The agent will get a mail containing instructions on how they can setup their agent account.
  5. After the agent sets up their account, they can download any of the Extend Apps with which they will be able to receive calls on behalf of your company.

Now whenever a customer calls, the agent will get notified and will be able to take calls on behalf of your business. It's super easy!



Please note that agents cannot access the admin dashboard. They can only access the Extend apps and take calls on behalf of your company. Only admins can access the admin dashboard.

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